You do what works for you. I do what works for me. If we match up. We match up. If not, we move on to something else, right? 

1) I Look at what you’re into, do some research online and then see what I can do with it

2) Test the ideas out in small ways, then ramp up proven profits and results

3) Bootstrap your investments sent to me over the secure gateway, then apply my proven Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Innovation, Creativity and Philosophy of profit systems working extremely well across dozens of different industries, in numerous markets on your business

I write Intuitive PR Venture Cause Marketing campaigns in the arts/sciences of self-fulfilling, self-sustaining, self-efficiency and “Going green” markets that help small business owners step up to the most cost-effective ways of attracting more clients and the best possible ways of keeping them buying.

I also write the sales copy that helps you start, buy or geometrically grow your businesses in the nutritional supplements, personal development, talent scout curation, e-preneur and publisher niches. 

And, build marketing funnels that acquire new customers, get them to buy more, and get them to buy faster. I also monitor your markets to look for ways to promote your businesses to increase leads and sales. 

So, if all this is something you want to do–Click here.