Now, here’s some samples from some past PR-boosting campaigns.  Simply, download and or contact me to get these customized on your business.  

And, if you see something you like…  Buy! Buy! Buy!  …because I do get a small referral fee if you do. 

And, I’ll use the commissions to help pay it forward, give back and strike as many win/win-wins as I possibly can, right?

Remember, do what you want, when you want and how you want (if you can, right?). 

So, do it if you want too… because you know you want too, right?  It’s what we do! 😉

Again, here’s the download links enjoy! 😉

PossibleSamplePRReports  (PDF)

PressRelease  (PDF)

Different versions of these links below got me a job interview with a #1 PR Firm Boss’s Daughter back in business school:

truebest (PDF)

truebest (1) (PDF)

These got an $8 Million company to do business with me, but they couldn’t hire me because I was a client.  They also got me in the door to a $2 Million company to do business with me.  And, I got 1/3 of net profits from a startup with them…  

Business-Idea-for-You (PDF)

One-Sheet-Win-Win (PDF)

I used this link below and a DIY Tee Shirt site to land some job interviews with the Directors of Human Resources:  PublicistandPublicRelationsConsultant (PDF)

Price Sheet Terms of Service  (PDF) 

Here’s my LinkedIn profile for some other stuff I’ve done, what I’m into, and what I can do for you:  StrategicPortfolios

Newsroom (example):  (Link)

Simply, contact me here to talk about how you can use all this on your business.