PR Bob: My “What About Bob?” Moment – What’s yours?

How I Accidentally Got A-listed, Pulled-off a Walk-on Ph.D., and Fell into the Etiquette of Cosmic Ordering with “The Universe”

Have you ever heard someone say something like, “Yeah, I know, right?  Been there. done that. bought the tee shirt.

“Yeah, well…we took the company IPO last month on vacation sipping Mai Tais on the beach flipping stocks and bonds. 

“I was thinking…OMG! WOW! I got so lucky, right?. I mean. I guess, right? 

“It must be that right place at the right time thingy they always talk about. You know, what I mean?

“…But, then I discovered Nevile Goddard, Cosmic Ordering, and PR Stuff…”

It all started when… 

Well, let’s skip all that and get to some stuff you need, right? 

Simply, visualize the success feeling in a way that helps you use your five senses to put you in the state of “The Success” of getting what you want after you get whatever you’re going for.   

Then, just be polite, focused on your end results, keep it moving to go for it, keep rehearsing your “Success Vision Scenario,” work your plan from A to Z and/or Z to A, and be flexible knocking out the roadblocks in between, right? 

Now, days… there’s all kinds of binaural beats, supplements, and etc. to help you out.

Well, here’s how I got wrapped up in a few projects with sort of my “PR Bob Moments” and/or random conservations doing what I do… 

**Please Note:  

Most of the stuff listed below is sort of my take on a “Ready, Fire, Aim.” approach after being around some pretty cool people.

Most of the people I’ve worked with, studied under, and/or etc.  Have had a pretty big influence on my life, right? 

Again, most of the stuff listed below is kind of like… 

  1. OMG! WOW! That’s cool! 😉
  2. Or, like… D@$M, baby! 😉 How you’d do that? 😉
  3. Or, like… Hmm…  “???”  

Well, again… these are different kinds of styles of similar, but not the same thing, right?

Sorry, for the long intro…

It’s really no big deal.  Most of these are mostly my take on testing things out in a small way, then ramping proven results/profits. 

So, let me just stop right here and say… 

“I apologize in advance if I may or may not have offended you in any way.  I didn’t mean to do that.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me.”  

I also say: 

**Thank You.  (for taking the time to check this stuff out below….)

**I’m sorry.  (it wasn’t what you like…)

**I LoVe You.  (for the simple fact you see me trying to my best for you…)

**Please forgive me.  (that it didn’t match to your expectations–that’s all I got! 😉 )

Kind of like most things in life…

  • if you don’t know. 
  • you don’t know.
  • but, if you do…
  1. What did you learn?
  2. What can you do with it?
  3. And, how far can you go with it?

First up…

Here’s some videos of some past PR Promos from days gone by…

Now, this one was my saying “Thank You” to a burnt out Ex-Therapist who got tired of hearing about people’s problems.

And, only wanted to work on Goals.  So, this was sort of my way of saying “Thank You.” 

Kind of like the movie “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. 

I tell you… 😉 She was Bad Azz, right? 😉  She’s a heck of Therapist! 😉

**Sorry for the typos.  I got a little carried away, right?  Just think of the movie “What about Bob?”  And, you’ll see what I mean 😉

This one is my take on wanting to start my own band (as noted on my LinkedIn profile below).  But, after looking into the grunt work most Legendary Artists go through to get to the top. 

I realized I’m really just a “Boy Band Dabbler.”  No worries–though, right?  This is more therapeutic for me. 

Anyways…   And, in other news… 

The D.J. that made the music below is Kristen Vanhandel (I think, right?).  She’s a real go-getter who (last time we talked) was doing some sort of juggling fire thingy. 

And, she told me she wanted to make commercials with Ambient music. 

Well, here’s my stuff don’t laugh… 

It’s kind of like “Baby Stuey” on “Family Guy” showing his Mom his artwork. 

And, she turns to her husband and laughs saying, “We’ve got a real Michael Angelo on hands,” as “Baby Stuey” stands their horrified they laugh as at his “Creation,” right? 😉 

To put it in perspective a little… 

Then, I heard a poet say something like a “Perfected Piece of Poetry,” right? D@#N! What a concept, right? 😉

Maybe that’s why Music Artists (or, almost any kind of Artist for that matter) only drop their “Works of Perfection” every so often, right? 😉 

D@#N!  I tell you, this Artists thingy is off the chart, right? 😉 

No wonder why they do what they do, right? 😉 

Again, I’m not really that serious with all this, right? 

It’s mostly therapeutic for me.  Kind of like why I smoke my tobacco pipe after seeing the movie “Higher Learning” after a friend in school said I should be a Professor in Under Grad. 

And, after this Bad Azz Rap Artist in high school calling me the “Lost Professor” when I got my new glasses.  And, after hearing a few people say something like I should teach over the years.   

These random thoughts happened a few times in Under Grad.

And, again, when I was graduated from Grad School (from a really cool Professor who was “Six Degrees of Separation” from the President of “The United States,” ran Her own Publishing Company, a Harvard MBA graduate, and working on her Ph.D. out of Minnesota while She was teaching in Grad School at the same time, I think).

Like I said before, I’m really a “Haphazard Boy Band Dabbler,” right? 😉  I sort of “Do as I wilt,” right? 😉   Like I said it’s mostly therapeutic for me, right? 😉

But, my goal at the time of recording it was playing around with the idea of “Perfected Freestyle.”

But, I guess if my typing was up to par.  And, I focused on mastering the Poetry thingy.  I might be in better position to represent the label as an Artist, right?  Ha! 😉  

It’s kind of like when you were five years old…  

And, you believed you could be anything when you grow up, right? 😉  

Whether that be a Fireman, a Police Officer, a Doctor, a Basketball Player, a Rap Artist etc., right? 

But, then you may or may not have found your sweet spot with what you do now, right?

Mostly, (this PR Guy webpage here) is my take on how some of the Artists I’ve worked explained how they do what they do.

Kind of like my take on me honoring them by saying “Thank You!” for taking the time to help me help you out.  And, again I say “Thank You!” to All of You (You know who you are.)

Again, this is sort of a “What About Bob?” moment, right? 

I add this page on my blog, mostly because the Artists I’ve worked with gave me a bird’s eye in the “A day in the life of a ‘Starving Artist'” and what they go through to do what the do.

Sort of like showing respect, honor, and etc.

Well, here it is… 

Now, this one is me doing the BPUA (Business Pick Up Artist) thingy after I saw a Host at a Diner I liked.  Waiting on tables in high heels…

Here’s some fun time pics of past campaigns…








Now, normally… 

I don’t really accept clients as is, right? 

Like most PR Professionals, or–should I say…  Like that one Kick Azz PR Girl who found the Artist “Common.” 

The story I read goes something like this… 

…She was supposedly at a Poetry Event, saw Him perform, found out (I think) He was also doing motivational speaking at schools as well as doing the poetry thingy.  

Well, if I remember correctly… 

She signed Him to Her PR Biz–and, as they say…  The rest is history in the making, right?  I mean, last time I checked… 

He was doing some stuff for “Def Poetry Slam,” dropping albums with His Rap career, (I think) still doing motivational speaking, debuting His poetry in The “Gap” commercials (a clothing line), and Acting in movies in “Hollywood,” and etc., right? 😉  

But, like most Artists who do what they do… 

I’m sort of what you call, kind of like a “Talent Scout” always (like some PR Professionals) always looking for the next “Big Thing.”   

I get most of my inspiration for doing the “Talent Scout” PR Guy thingy from Leo Castelli, Allister Crowley, Neville Goddard, a few “Bad Azz Marketing Geniuses.”

Some of the “Legendary Copywriters” (like: Dr. Harlan Kilstein, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and the “Network of Copywriters” — AWAIonline).   

And, some “Secret Weapons” of the “Who’s Who” like Janet Switzer and Mary Ellen Tribby.

**Special Thanks:

Please note…   

I’ve ran into some really Kick Azz PR Girls (they’re really just–what I affectionately call:  “PR Goddesses” JMHO! 😉 ) way too many to mention here, right? 😉  

It’s almost like after stepping into the PR Circle from my Under Grad years.  It blossomed into what I’m into now… 

**Side Note:

Once you get it.  You get it.  But, if you do…   Or, if PR is your thing.  Like me.   Look for the clues that success leaves for you to follow.  Learn the basics.  Then, do your own thing. 


  1. What did you learn? 

  2. What can you do with it? 

  3. How far can you go with it?

And, if you’d like to talk to me about all this, contact me here