Here’s How I Get Buzz for Your Cause Marketing Needs


Okay and we’re back…

Now if you click on my presentation over there on the triangle with the yoga sign on it. You’ll see rather quickly and easily how you can ramp up your cause marketing campaigns.

Pretty much what I would do is… 

Once you download and visit that link to also notice that is got another blog post about another lady who was able to…

Her name is Amanda by the way. She was actually able to generate about 900000 readers to her blog doing some simple marketing that you can read about at that post.

So, once you click that link with the yoga sign on it. And, pretty much… What you would do is…  Or, what I should say… I would work with you on writing press releases and building buzz in your Markets.

From riding simply four press releases a month.  You don’t want to write too many press releases because the Press gets annoyed with too much information. 

As everybody pretty much knows we’re already in information overload with all the information being pumped out.

In fact, I remember at one point, there was a statistic that came out that the world’s information was doubling every 6 months.

And that was probably in about 2007 when I heard about that. So, I’m sure it’s just going through the roof with Statistics like that.

So pretty much what I would do is I would help you build out a blog post that cater to your market. And, then I would generate press release strategies to generate even more Buzz for your business.

I chose to use a 2 prong strategy…

1)  One you’ll be writing a blog post based on what you’re into based on what your Niche is in your market.

And, following the blueprint that’s on that page with yoga sign on it.

And, 2 based on your keyword strategy that you’ll see my presentation at the bottom of that page.

2)  I will think of different ways to spend the media has been the press to get attention from World buzzing and Market to it.

3)  It’s really just a hybrid combo of using what Amanda was talking about. And, my PR Services for your keywords.

4)  And, generating buzz in the market based on all that.

So, after you look at my presentation you also notice that with the example that I have listed there that would…   

Just with that example alone in the example of a business in my presentation.

Knock your business out of the park the numbers game you can see in presentation over there at the top left with the Yoga sign on it.

It was actually one of the examples that I talked about in my example of my presentation by the Yoga sign you will see that that’s one way for you to generate buzz.

And I think, if I remember correctly…   

It was based on Dallas Movers.  I pretty much think (as you know) people who move furniture for a living. Or, businesses like that.

And basically, at that link, it’s about a $66,000 a month blueprint–if a business isn’t already doing that based on the location.

Now, obviously… You can’t really speculate how much you can generate based on that alone, right? Because I have to actually analyze your keywords, cross my fingers, and hope for the best.

By generating that (based on my analysis of your keywords) we can get some ballpark figures based on that. 

So pretty much what it comes down to it…  It’s me thinking of different ways to spend buzzmedia with your business, keywords, your business and your markets.

All, with the goal to generate sales and do campaigns based on that. So, again like you noticed in the other blog post that I have about when it comes cause marketing PR–me being a cause marketing PR specialist.

I am one of the many hats that I wear it’s a PR Guy here at

Pretty much what you will notice is:

I look at what you’re into 

Do some research online

And then I see what I can do with it

…all based on my presentation.

Now, with that in mind–like I said. I look at the keywords that you’re talking about and build out a six month strategy that I do with that.

And I’ll fill you in more about that when you sign on with me.

And pretty much I just looked at like I said what your into and doing some research online and writing press releases based on my strategies to generate buzz in your market.

It usually takes about 3 months to start seeing some serious Capital coming in based on the key words. Sometimes it can happen as little as 90 days or less.   Sometimes it takes up to 6 months.

That’s why I asked you sign at least a 6 month “Letter of Agreement” with me when we start doing business together.

This way we can possibly generate profits specifically tailored to your market. So, it once again…

If you see anything you like.  Like anything you see. Remember to click around and get on down. And, buy! buy! buy! Because that’s how the market works, right?

So once again whatever cause marketing campaigns you’re into.  Or, any generating buzz in the market that you want to get more sales for your business.

Again I use a hybrid combo public relations marketing Communications and direct response marketing and all that together in the mix.

Like my tagline is…

Hi, my name is Jon Paul. I’m PR Guy/ArtsySmarts PR Travel Blogger.  I write direct response public relations and marketing Communications that help self-help Publishers increase business.

So, pretty much if that’s what you’re into…that’s what I’m all about. So, I look forward to doing business with you soon as possible.

Once again click all the Links at the bottom and check me out to see if you like what you see.

Now, if you need me to promote your next your next event.  Contact me here, okay?


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