Now, here’s some core strength ideas in a few pages complete with everything I stand for.  

These core ideas are examples from past promos.

Feel free to download these if you want to see what I’m all about before you hire me to do all this for you.

Again, some of these got me in touch with multi-millionaires off one phone and an email, others got me over 30 job offers when I show up in their city.  

And, I’ve gotten personal invites to work for High-Level companies from Human Resource Directors to pick any job I want to launch my aims, dream jobs with them, Unlimited Capital, Six Figures a year–etc., etc.

And, others are proven marketing ideas working extremely well across numerous industries.  

And, by having me customize them on your business.  

You’ll see, rather–quickly and easily some of the stuff I’m into.  

Now, these results are based off my proven cutting-edge tactics and strategies you can lease to drive even more “Fun Time” into your business.  

Now, the best way I do this so fast is by customizing–tweaking if you will–the core ideas from these campaigns on your business.

In fact, I’ve been courted to work with a couple of NGO’s located overseas.  One is in India home of the ~ yoga! yoga! Yogis! 😉  Pretty cool, right?   It’s located at some University in India.  

…I know, right?  Imagine that–overseas travel, sweet!  😉  I got invited to attend a Conference on Economic Development.  I know, right?  Just everything I stand for, cool!  This internet thingy is so cool! 😉

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning a website online–they find you to drum up business!

It’s all done with email and phone call via Skype–been there done that and it rocks! 😉  

In fact, I was doing Skype calls  at 3am Central Time USA.  Think of quasi “jet lag” between calls, late night coffee, etc., etc.

And, the other one is at some University in the West Indies which I met working on a project at the United Nations.  

In fact, one of my contacts spotted some locals from the West Indies teaming up with another local nonprofit when I was out and about one time, cool!  

Make that money man! ka-ching!  ka-ching!  Making the cash register sing–is a beautiful thing, right?! Ha! 😉

I’ve even worked with an Art Dealer from Russia–based out of New York.  And, he LoVe’d the ideas I brought to his table to boost his business.  

As a matter of fact, he told me how the Legendary Artists “Pussy Riot” got their start by being a bunch of really cool Liberal Arts Ph.D.’s  

So, the social proof is…  If you’re playing the education game based on what I did with it.  And, the possible ways from the “Pussy Riot” living examples of continual social proof, right?  

Really look at the Liberal Arts track.  

Why?  Because–most of the time, if you know what you want out of life.  You can create your own degree.  

The program I was in let me do this:  Master of Arts in Liberal Studies = eMarketing, eInnovation and eCreativity.  So, if that’s your thing?  Check it out! 😉

Well, since I’m on this topic of education…

I told a Charter High School Graduate of a Diplomatic Theme institution (I almost went to when I was looking at High Schools to go too.)

She’d be Awesome being a PR Girl working for the United Nations with her Ethics Bootcamp training she just got back from.

I was like… if you play your cards right, you could travel the world with the Who’s Who doing really big things all before the age of 21.

 Then, I told some students at a Performing Arts Charter School key concepts to make money with their dream jobs.  In fact, the students got so excited at what’s possible…  

When I asked the teacher if I could come back for another round of talks.  She’s like, no!  I almost got in trouble for being a noisy classroom.  

Oops???  Doh!  I guess that was too much fun released into the classroom.  My bad… 

But, the good news is, one of the students went off to a famous Venture Capital Fund in my area to start his business.  

It’s kind of funny… because most of the students (after my survey of the classroom) wanted to start their own businesses.  

And, this was a High School! 😉  Remeber, that kid that created some sort of foldable hanger.  

And, got his product in Walmart?

Man, these students are just are just ripping it up, right?  Keep doing it! 😉

Change the world like you are when you do what you do when you want too, right?  Re-invent capitalism, right?  

Get that money!  Yea! We win, right? Ha! 😉  

Just think about the “Pussy Riot” example, the Stanford Scholars who sold to and the numerous VC Firms like “Y Combinator,” and…  

Need I even mention what happened when a few Silicon Valley Techies went to Denver, Colorado?  

Don’t forget the fact that at one point, Denver could have bailed out the United States out of debt in 10 years.

And, when the report came out–they had already doubled revenue projections for that year!  Yeah! 😉  

But, how long has California (the “New America”) been doing this?  Right, right?  

That new America Thingy, New Thoughts on Capitalism and striking win/win-wins as long as everybody’s happy, we’re all making money and rinse and repeat the process, right?  

Yea! We win! Ha! 😉

Now, that’s changing the world! 😉  

Keep up the good work of commanding your demand as often as you like, right? 

I applaud you, give you a standing ovation and laud you for your efforts.  Go team! Ha! Yea! We win! 😉

I even went out and told some students at a Local College in an Annual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in my area (via email).  

How to grab some certificates they were interested from a Fortune 500 Company’s Industry Standard Certificate Training Program as they were getting their degrees.

This way it would help them shorten the path to profits for their Start Up Companies.

Plus, it would give them a quasi-springboard for research, development and boost return on investments with getting clients.

I was even contacted by the Entrepreneurship Director of the College to give my “How to Possibly Double Your Global Business Development Expansion in About 90 Days Only Using the Internet If You Qualify” to their Entrepreneurship Curriculum.


In Other News: 

One time, I was drumming up business in Los Angeles, California.  I got the owner on the phone to talk to me.  

And, come to find out she had a Hollywood Super Star buying up all her products she sold!  Sweet! 😉

Talk about Six Degrees of Separation from a Celebrity Who’s Who, right? Score! 😉

Another time, I got a lead from a contact to run my pitch past him.  

Now, this CEO was an Award Winning Firm with some of the most impressive track records I’ve ever heard of.  When we got on the phone to talk.  

He was like, we’re doing the same stuff.  I was like, I know.  Your stuff is pretty cool.  After we chummed it up a bit.  I broke out on my own to continue doing what I was doing.

At another time,  I got invited to a fashion show with a client.  So, I built another website to stay relevant to break into the Fashion business.  

And, when I dropped my contact information to the potential clients all three of ladies jaws dropped, their cheeks flushed red and then they just sat there and froze with excitement.  

And, then they smiled at me–all bright-eyed and everything sort of like.  I was like what?  What did I say?

Yet, again–I was explaining one of my campaigns to another client.

He was rushing me like he was apart of some sort of movement I did with a video blog before I met him.  

Well, I was explaining my latest strategy to him.  And, once he saw my rationale.  He was like man, I want to do that.

You see, I could go on and on about what a pleasure it’s been helping out all these people, what they mean to me and the impact they’ve had in their own right in their respective industries.  

But, I think it’s better off if we work together on your situation to boost, ramp up and get even more sales for your business.

But, I think it’s better off if we work together on your situation to boost, ramp up and get even more sales for your business.  So, contact me here.

** Please Note:

In efforts to say “Thank You” for ALL You do… 

Salute You for ALL your efforts to help out the next generation…

And, to offer my support for ALL You do when You do what You do…

Dare I say…

I throw a 1000 Rose Petals at Your feet in a sort of modest bow/embrace and/or tip my hat to You and say:

As long as it’s a win/win-win…

I may want to help You promote Your business to help You help those who need it most.  

Help You get the best possible clients for Your business.

And/Or position Your message so, more people can hear what You have to say.

Now, because I can only handle a few clients at any given time…  

Please, contact me right away so I can get to work on Your business.  

This site is pretty much my way of giving back, paying it forward, and to help You Help Yourself.

So, do these three things first before you contact me, okay?

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~ Jon Paul | PR Guy