If you are currently working in publicity or hoping to eventually join this exciting career, strategic publicity may be the field for you. A strategic publicist does more than simple publicity work. They don’t just tell people about their latest campaign; they do so in a compelling and memorable way that gets people excited. An excited public is more likely to go nuts about the product being promoted and more likely to spend their hard earned money on it. 

While a strategic publicist is important to both the people they represent and the economy in general, they also tend to be very happy with their careers. Why? Because their job rocks! Here are just a few reasons why.

Reasons a Strategic Publicist Can’t Wait to Get to Work Every Day

1. You’re always in on the action.

A strategic publicist’s job is to make it rain. They get people excited, introduce them to new ideas and products, and inspire them to buy. Not only does a strategic publicist get to be a mover and shaker, they actually help to drive the economy. While much of a strategic publicist’s work is behind the scenes, it influences many people and has a huge effect on buying behavior.

2. Being the first to know about the latest news.

Do you like being the first to know about the latest bands, television shows, and products? Most people do. It’s fun to discover an amazing new person or brand and introduce the world to it. This is what strategic publicists do on a daily basis. They get to find out about the latest bands, books, and more–and then share them with the greater public in memorable and exciting ways. It’s always fun to be the person who knew about that person or product before it was even famous.

3. It’s never boring.

From coordinating social media campaigns to attending events to brainstorming with other professionals, strategic publicists work in a variety of settings and perform a wide range of tasks. They are the ultimate problem solvers and multi-taskers. A strategic publicist is that person you see jogging on a treadmill while taking a work call and texting yet another client. There are always a variety of tasks to be done and plans to be made, all of them exciting and fun. It’s impossible to be bored when there are new things to do, new people to meet, and new places to see. While work-life balance is important, it’s also good to feel genuine interest and excitement about one’s career.

4. Being a member of a talented team.

While strategic publicists are talented in their own right, they also are members of several talented groups of people. Many work for an agency with other skilled publicity professionals. In addition, strategic publicists get to work as part of a team with authors, musicians, product designers, and a wide variety of people with extraordinary abilities and talents. While it is always fun to be part of a team, it is even more engaging to be part of a team where every member is dedicated and performing at their personal best. It’s exciting and educational to be surrounded by excellence every day!

5. Helping people when they need it the most.

Many publicists, including strategic publicists, are called in as damage control. Maybe a celebrity has hit a scandal; maybe a product was poorly reviewed or a company had to recall its products. In cases like these, a strategic publicist is used to get the public feeling positive again and to make sure that the product or person’s benefits are foremost in the public’s mind. Helping people out in a time of immense personal crisis is rewarding and makes every day an exciting opportunity. In other cases, the person or brand that the strategic publicist is representing has not had any negative publicity because they are simply unknown. A strategic publicist helps these people and brands to get the recognition they need to be successful.

6. Sometimes it’s a little glamorous.

While there are less photo-ready moments in every strategic publicist’s day, there are also times when they have to attend gala events, openings, and other glamorous events. What isn’t there to love about free cocktails and rubbing elbows with the wealthy and well connected? Not only are there fabulous events to be attended, but a strategic publicist gets to attend them as one of the honored guest’s entourage. They get to see plenty of VIP areas and green rooms. If you enjoy feeling like a celebrity occasionally, without the paparazzi, then this might be the career for you.

7. Seeing a plan come to completion.

A strategic publicist is always looking for ways to keep the people and brands they represent in the front of the consumer’s ear. This takes immense planning, lots of meetings, and a ton of footwork in implementation. However, the moment when a plan finally comes together and people start talking about the brand is always magical. There is nothing more satisfying than a job well-done, except perhaps a job that is well-done in a public way. Because publicists are usually handling several different people and brands at once, they get to experience this sense of satisfaction on a regular basis.

8. The pay is great!

Strategic publicists make above average salaries due to the fast-paced nature of the career and the meaningful difference they make in sales. However, the benefits are the real reason that this job rocks. There are so many side benefits such as getting to meet famous people, try new products, attend fancy events, and have a meaningful effect on public opinion. In this field, job benefits include a lot more than vacation days and health insurance.

9. Working with people from a variety of backgrounds.

If there is anything more boring than doing the same thing every day, it’s dealing with the same people every day. This is not a concern for strategic publicists. From celebrity clients to up-and-coming stars to news reporters, there are a variety of people that a strategic publicist interacts with every day. Working with such a wide range of personalities and backgrounds is challenging, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Challenges are fun to a strategic publicist. A strategic publicist gets to meet and work in a meaningful way with many more people than the average professional.

10. Getting excited about your own campaigns.

It’s hard to come up with ways to get the public interested and excited without catching a little of the enthusiasm oneself. Strategic publicists are probably the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet, because they are used to identifying and amplifying the interesting and exciting aspects of everything they encounter. Strategic publicists get just as excited about their campaigns as any of the people they are inspiring. In fact, enthusiasm and excitement are an important part of a strategic publicist’s job.

There are so many reasons that it rocks to work as a strategic publicist that it is hard to pick just ten. This job is not just important for influencing public opinion and behavior, but a satisfying and rewarding career in its own right.

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