We are living in the age of instant publication and self-publication. A few decades before, writers had to scour the streets for publication opportunities, sending hundreds of manuscripts to publishers in big publishing houses, only to wait months and even a year or more before hearing back. Then, when they did hear something, it was usually a rejection letter that always began with something like, “Dear Writer, thank you for your submission but…..” and ended with something like, “Again, we are sorry we could not accept your submission but we wish you continued success in your writing career.”

Yeah, right. Continued success, as though their form letter with the obvious rejection letter was some sort of occurrence a writer could call “a success.”

These type of letters are discouraging, to say the least and they don’t do anything for a struggling writer’s sense of accomplishment. But now authors may self-publish their works if they have the time to create, market, and distribute them on their own, or they may choose to outsource this to a rogue publicist.

Now about what I do. I’m what you might call a “rogue publicist.” I go around doing good for writers who otherwise might get lost in a sea of manuscripts on the top of some famous publisher’s dusty desk. I seek out opportunities all of the time that help writers meet their goals so they can focus on what they do best–writing. Below are 10 reasons I recommend finding a rogue publisher when you are thinking about getting your book published. Whether you are focused on hardback, paperback, or digital editions, the most important thing you have in your arsenal of tools is someone in your corner who is working to make you successful. Think of a rogue publisher as more like an agent who is actively seeking opportunities for you as a writer to get your work noticed.


The solution to this dilemma of endless rejections is to hire a rogue publishing company or publisher. Rogue publicists are independent. They don’t answer to big publishing houses, editors, or bosses. They publish what they want, when they want. In short, they are your best bet for getting published in the right places today. Here are 10 reasons why you could be best helped by a rogue publishing company and how they can help move your writing career to the next level.


One thing you don’t have to do when you deal with independent publishers is to wait. When you choose to work with a rogue publisher, you choose instant publication. That’s because a rogue publisher has the power and the freedom to publish whatever they choose. They tend to have access to endless resources and publication options, so that they are not bound to any particular publishing house. This means you no longer have to wait to see what big publisher will pick up your idea and decide it’s worthwhile. You also don’t have to go through the red tape of numerous people to get your idea out there.


In today’s publishing industry, if you want to be taken seriously as a writer, you need to be everywhere. That’s what rogue publishers do. With there ability to infiltrate every market you need to be in, they can get you published on more platforms and in more places than traditional publishers in half the time.


The best publishers today are also able to maximize a writer’s impact on the digital publishing world. There’s no doubt about it: publishing is turning digital. Ebooks are selling at a record rate. Amazon Kindle leads the way in overall publishing sales through ebooks, but audiobooks are also on the increase. With traditional in-house publishers, there are too many rules regarding digital publishing that may hinder a writer’s efforts to publish on the digital market. But rogue publishers know how to get it done faster.


Having a publisher who thinks for himself is like having your own personal publishing wizard at your service. They have the connections and experience to get the job done. Let’s face it…you can write a good book…okay, a GREAT book, but without the right marketing tools and strategies, no one will read it. You won’t make money. You won’t get the exposure you need. But a rogue publisher knows how to pull the right strings to get your book (whether digital or other form) in the hands of the most people possible.


Hours and hours of time are spent on marketing, packaging, distribution, cover art, agents, and other tasks that writers need to do in order to get their book out there. Unfortunately, when time is being spent this way, you are not making money for the things you love to do best–writing. One of the best reasons to find a great rogue publicist is the fact that you can focus on your craft–writing. And save the marketing for the marketing experts. Rogue publicists tend to be good at a lot of things besides publishing. They are able to pool their resources and market your book in all of the right places so that you can focus on the creating of more books, second editions, and other important things.


Another great reason to put your work with an independent (rogue) publicist is the fact that you have more power over what happens to your work if you trust it to an independent. Publishers who are tied to one particular publishing company tend to have numerous rules and restrictions regarding what you can do once they get their hands on your book. And it IS YOUR book! By giving it to a rogue publicist, they tend to make their own rules. Contracts are made on a case-by-case basis and they are often allowed to let your book be in multiple markets at once. So you are in more control of your book even after you release it to the publishers and this allows you to maintain power over what happens to your book before, during, and after publication.


Most rogue publicists are there when you need them, rather than just during certain office hours and you don’t have to be at their physical location to get help. They make themselves available whenever they are needed and you can usually contact them in a variety of ways including: social media, instant messaging, email, and phone. For this reason alone, having an independent publisher puts you in better shape as a writer than dealing with the major publishing companies.


Rogue publicists are proud of their rogue status. This means they chose to do things their own way, and this includes being there for their clients. As a writer, you are their client and you are more than just a number with independent publicists. They go out of their way to help their writers and go the extra mile to ensure their success. You can trust them to take care of the details regarding publication, reprints, mass distribution, and digital media efforts, and they will use whatever resources they have to make your book a success.


When you work with a rogue publisher, you will find that one opportunity often leads to another. With a specific publishing company, this is not the case. And, while it helps that you get published by one of the big name publishers, it doesn’t lead to future publications as easily as it can with independent publishers. That’s because many of them have a “non-compete” clause which restricts the use of previously published materials with other publishing houses until a certain time has passed, or in some cases, prohibits the use of previously published or similar works altogether. This is not so with independent publishers. They have the ability to let you publish on their markets with less restrictions, usually because they own the markets. If not, they know how to tap into the resources required to get you more opportunities once the current market has been exhausted.


In today’s publishing world, it pays to have a publisher who also has access to mobile readers. More and more people are buying Kindles, e-readers of all kinds, and reading on the iPads and tablets. What’s more, they are online in a variety of settings, scouring for reading material. The good publicist knows how to get you in these markets with your ideas and help you saturate the markets mobile users come in from. While big-name publishing companies have access to these markets too, you are more likely to succeed on the mobile market with independent publishers, who don’t have as many limits on what they do so that you can be in the most places the mobile users go for material.

Today’s publishing market has changed. We are in the age of self-publishing. Anyone with an idea and the time to write a book can do so today and publish it on the market themselves. But there is a lot involved in the publishing process. Should a writer take all of this on himself, or trust their work to a big name traditional publisher? I think the best bet is to put it with a rogue publicist. They are there for the writer, actively seeking out opportunities that will help writers get their work out there where readers will notice them. They do this more efficiently and faster than traditional publishers can do, due to the sheer volume of work big publishers receive. They offer help when it’s needed, give you access to multiple platforms and markets, not forgetting to pay attention to the mobile market and the digital publishing platform. As a rogue publicist, I have to say these 10 reasons are the main reason I think it rocks to be an independent publisher. The road you choose must be up to you, the writer. But I love helping writers and feel I am a part of something big every time I help a writer get on the Best Sellers list or sell that last book that would have just sat in some book store gathering dust.

Rogue publishing is definitely the way to go if you are an author who wants to make your mark on the world, infiltrate the markets in the shortest time, or share your ideas with the world. Getting a big time publisher is good. Publishing your own book is great. Getting a rogue publicist to handle it all for you? PRICELESS.

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