Helping people find the extra cash in their markets is the job of a wish perk advisor. You are the person who comes in behind a smart investor to help them with existing items in their portfolio. You are not beholden to a single investor, and you are not sitting in an office waiting for a new investment opportunity. You are the person who helps uncover new ways of making money.

Plying Your Trade

Plying your trade as a wish perk advisor is about more than finding new investment opportunities. You are looking for ways to help people who are in need. Someone who believes they have exhausted their investment opportunities may feel lost. You will help someone find a new path, and you get to enjoy the perks listed below. Take on this kind of job when you want to tackle a new career that is unique in the investment world.

#1: Meeting New People

Every wish perk advisor gets to meet new people every day. You can meet new clients every day who need your help, and you can travel to different parts of the country to meet new clients. You are not held in by the restraints of a traditional office job. Extroverts will especially love this job. You will get more energy from meeting new people than you ever would being stuck in the same office every day.

#2: The Research

Your job as a wish perk advisor requires a large amount of research. You must be fully involved in what the stock market does every day, and you will learn about new industries as you take on new clients. Your new clients could work in any field, and you must learn about that field before you start giving them advice. Consider your time as a wish perk advisor a learning experience. You could become an expert in many different fields, and you will learn on the job every day.

The research you do often transfers to other industries, and your future clients will benefit from work you have already done. You are like a scholar who is collecting a life’s work in a certain field of study. You are collecting a life’s work in studying how businesses may improve.

#3: New Cities

Someone who likes to travel can take a job as a wish perk advisor without any trouble at all. You will need to travel to your clients every time you take on a new job, and you could travel with your clients to show them how their industry can yield more profits.

You must research the cities where your clients can make the most money, and you must look over the ways in which industries impact these cities. Your research of new locations will take you to places that are completely unknown to you and your clients. You must work on profiles of different cities around the country that will yield the results your clients are looking for.

#4: Uncovering New Prospects

You can uncover new prospects for your clients based on the files you already have. Your job is to help your clients look through their books to discover gaps in the market they have missed in the past. You must work with your clients to figure out what they have missed. You will take meetings that will help your clients learn about their business.

You are an educator just as much as you are a business person. You may create materials that will educate your clients on their own businesses. You will spend a good bit of time writing for your clients, and your clients may keep the materials you write as educational documents for the future.

#5: Wining And Dining Your Clients

You will enjoy time spent with your clients over working lunches and dinners. You can write off all the expenses you incur from meals, and you will have an opportunity to bring other colleagues along with you. You may enjoy the food you eat, but these meals are a great way to get to know people.

Wining and dining your clients is not a way of selling them a service so much as it is a way of providing them with the information they need to become better at their own jobs. You need as much time as you can with your clients, and you need to work with people often to help improve your relationship. You are forming relationships just as much as you are having meals with colleagues.

#6: Sharing In Profits

You will share in profits with your clients once you find them better revenue streams. You can create contracts that are going to allow you a small percentage of the profits that increase from your efforts. You are making a small amount of money compared to your clients, but you will profit greatly when you can help people make more money for their businesses.

You must work very hard to earn the money you make, and you will get satisfaction from seeing people succeed. You must use your information from each new project to inform future projects. You are working on a job that will never stop, and you can create a massive business that will benefit from the research you have done in the past.

#7: Working With People Who Are Just Starting Out

Working as a wish perk advisor gives you a chance to work with people who have just started in their business. Many small businesses will fold after the first year, but you can offer business owners the information they need to stay open after the first year. Work with those who are in need of help the most to get the most internal satisfaction from your work.

The business world presents many opportunities to you, but you must find the opportunities that do the most good. Helping people is the job of a wish perk advisor. You will make money, you can travel around the country and you will eat wonderful food, but you are helping people at the end of the day.

#8: Making New Connections

You may work with people in several industries that could lead to different jobs. The jobs you take around the country may not always relate to your duties as a wish perk advisor. You could do your work as a wish perk advisor on the side while doing your full-time job at another company. You may create a second career that will provide you with extra income, or you can build a career that will become your full-time.

Your new connections could take you to a new company every year, or you could get new work from your client often. Someone who feels nomadic could move around often as they help new clients, and you may live a lifestyle of the jet set that helps you feel free to do what you want.

#9: New Referrals

Your work as a wish perk advisor will bring in new referrals every day. You will find people who know your old clients, and you will get to build a business from just referrals. You will spend the beginning of your time in the industry looking for clients, but you will spend the rest of your career taking on only referrals.

#10: Work-Life Balance

The freedom you get from your job provides you with time to spend with your family and friends. You can stay at home to work much of your business, and you can relax with your family as you do your work. Consider how much more free you can be when you are working your own business as a wish perk advisor. 

The perks listed in this article explain how you can work as a wish perk advisor. Your work as a wish perk advisor can change your life, but you may change the lives of others at the same time. People who benefit from your work will refer others to you, and you can make lifelong friends in the process.

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